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Winter in the Northwest!

Winter in North Idaho is only just beginning and with that it is time to hunker down and write songs and take a breather from life. As my song “Winterfall” says: “Soon the snow will fall…” and so the Webb’s both 2 legged and 4 legged will be enjoying fires by the woodstove, snowshoeing, and snowy evenings in the hot… (more…)

Recording of “Turning of the Page” completed!!!!

Great news and for me this is a reason to celebrate!  Recording on my new CD “Turning of the Page” is complete.  My sound engineer, Bruce Wheelock is now in the process of final mixing, editing and mastering.  Graphic art for the CD cover is for the most part done with just a few minor edits to complete the package.… (more…)

What’s new and hopefully coming soon….

Well this CD is beginning to feel like a unruly kid who does not want to graduate. Between Producer Conrad Nelson’s broken ribs, cut finger, that Pedal Steel Guy Dave Wren’s wonky knee, and then bout of pneumonia we were almost thinking we would never get this thing done.  Hopefully there will be a December or early January release.  The good news… (more…)

Conrad Nelson Inducted into the Western Swing Hall of Fame!

I have just received the news that my very good friend and producer of my CD “Photographs” is being inducted into the Western Swing Hall of Fame.  As many of you know, Conrad is also producing my upcoming CD, “Turning of the Page” and has also been playing with me for a couple of years now.  I am so proud… (more…)

Cover Art for the new CD!

This is the Cover art for my upcoming CD called “Turning of the Page”.  The Painting is by local artist Nancy Quiaoit.  I am so excited about having a painting by Nancy on the cover of my new recording!  We are working on this as we speak with recording dates through out September.  10 songs have been recorded thus far… (more…)

New CD update!

We are working very hard in the studio on the new CD.  With the way things are progressing We are hoping for a release date of end of October or early November….So…Just in time for Christmas and don’t CDs make lovely stocking stuffers? Really happy and excited about how this is shaping up.  Getting ready to head back into the… (more…)


Here is a quick update on the progress of the new CD.  The release tentatively to be called “Turning of the Page” is set for a hopeful release of winter 2013/2014. There are 9 original songs in various stages of completion as of this date.  As always it is a mixed bag that weaves its way through the many multicolored… (more…)

Patrice’s New Recording!!!

I have been busy in the studio recording more songs for a CD to be titled “Turning of the Page”.  as of this date 7 songs have been recorded and I am heading back into the studio to record 4 more on June 23.   This recording will feature a bit more swing cuz we really like doing it!  Also in… (more…)

KRFY FM Sandpoint, Idaho Oct. 25th

Just found out that I will be on the air on KRFY in Sandpoint, Idaho on October 25th to promote “Light a Candle Angelina” on the air and of course the fundraiser I have set up on my web page. The station will be doing a feature on Breast Cancer Awareness that day. Thanks so much to Jim Healy for… (more…)

Support Breast Cancer!

Support Breast Cancer!   Finally!!!  “Light a Candle Angelina” is finished and is available for download.  Really excited about this and I am hoping for a lot of success in raising some money to help fight breast cancer.  Perhaps you have a loved one or a friend who has had breast cancer and you can relate to how I feel when… (more…)