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Patrice Webb is a singer songwriter who’s life takes her from the back-roads of the Sierra Nevada to the hills of Northern Idaho where she lives with her husband and a family of 4 legged critters.  Patrice’s songs tell of the lives of those who’s stories make up the vibrant tapestry known as “Americana”. These are songs that are sung in a voice full of poignancy and humor and are described as “snapshots in time told on a bed of folk, country, swing, and the blues.”

“Honky Tonkin’ Bar” awarded 3rd place in the Indie International Song Contest!!!  This little slice of Western Swing  is an original song that gives tribute to the Country Artists of the past and can be found on the new CD “Turning of the Page” available at CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.

June 21, 2015 – Patrice Webb’s song about domestic violence “No Where Else To Go”  Receives an honorable mention in the Woody Guthrie Song contest!                                                                                               


“Turning of the Page” is a collection of 13 original songs in styles that range from acoustic folk, to Western Swing, to Blues, Country and Rock.  It was produced by 2014 Western Swing inductee Conrad Nelson.




Winter in the Northwest!

Winter in North Idaho is only just beginning and with that it is time to hunker down and write songs and take a breather from life. As my song “Winterfall” says: “Soon the snow will fall…” and so the Webb’s both 2 legged and 4 legged will be enjoying fires by the woodstove, snowshoeing, and snowy evenings in the hot… (more…)

Recording of “Turning of the Page” completed!!!!

Great news and for me this is a reason to celebrate!  Recording on my new CD “Turning of the Page” is complete.  My sound engineer, Bruce Wheelock is now in the process of final mixing, editing and mastering.  Graphic art for the CD cover is for the most part done with just a few minor edits to complete the package.… (more…)

What’s new and hopefully coming soon….

Well this CD is beginning to feel like a unruly kid who does not want to graduate. Between Producer Conrad Nelson’s broken ribs, cut finger, that Pedal Steel Guy Dave Wren’s wonky knee, and then bout of pneumonia we were almost thinking we would never get this thing done.  Hopefully there will be a December or early January release.  The good news… (more…)