New Recording in progress…But will it SWING?

So happy to report that with the coming of spring I am also starting to work on a new recording.  Not totally sure of what direction this new one will take but suffice it to say that a large portion of it will swing!  Or at least so far that is what is happening as the end of April brought me into the studio to record 6 original swing tunes that hopefully will take you back into the 20s, 30s, and 40s.  There are bits of Western Swing, but also swing in the style of Rosemary Clooney, Blossom Dearie, Peggy Lee, & Ella – in other words all of those cool jazz ladies of yester year.

Winter in North Idaho was COLD with lots of the white stuff that fell pretty much from November to the end of March.  Of course this meant I spent pretty much the entire winter spent in my music room, while the snow fell thinking all sorts of sentimental dreams that involved wishing for cloudless days, sunny skies, while birds swoop and they play – you get the picture!  Oh and there were some songs about the moon as well – because if you are talking about old time swing you need to have some “moony spoony” songs in there to keep things real!

Not sure what the reason for all of this style of music coloring my nights and my days, but some of it is that I have always had this style of music in my heart and playing and singing it just has always felt so right.  Plus it helps that I have been playing a lot of it on a 1974 Gibson Howard Roberts Oval Hole Archtop, and then there is always that sweet little 1941 Gibson Acoustic Archtop I have for inspiration but really I think that with these times we live in, that playing a bit of swing is good for the soul and if it makes all of you feel as good to hear it as it does for me to have created it then I am happy with that!

This of course is a project that is still evolving as we speak – And so I am asking do we swing the entire way or do we change things up a bit with a bit of acoustic folk and such?  time will tell and so for now here is to hoping that all of you are enjoying a fabulous spring with family and friends. 

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