What’s new and hopefully coming soon….

Well this CD is beginning to feel like a unruly kid who does not want to graduate. Between Producer Conrad Nelson’s broken ribs, cut finger, that Pedal Steel Guy Dave Wren’s wonky knee, and then bout of pneumonia we were almost thinking we would never get this thing done.  Hopefully there will be a December or early January release.  The good news though is that things are coming together is a really good way.  I am proud to say that this one is really a reflection of my “all over the place” tastes in music.  There are a couple of Country Blues tunes in the tradition of Robert Johnson,  Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee….and of course then there is that full out Rock N’ Roll tune just to let you all know I could.  There is a bit of Swing inspired of course by the great Bob Wills.  Also on the plate is a bit of County in the style of Ernest Tubb….Yup Ernest Tubb and from this little fruit and nut folkie!!!

I already mentioned my Rosemary Clooney imitation and that 60s pop thing just like the Byrds would do…..Dream songs…songs about real life it is all there – and then there is that totally cool artwork that was done by Nancy Quaiot.  Check that out on a previous note I posted.

In the mean time I am up here in the Northwest playing as much as I can and writing new tunes as the weather keeps me inside.

That is it for  now.  Here is to hoping that you are all enjoying life and getting ready to spend some great family time during the “holidaze” and please someone tell Conrad and Dave no more accidents!  Happy Thanksgiving to y’all!!!!!

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