Support Breast Cancer!

Support Breast Cancer!   Finally!!!  “Light a Candle Angelina” is finished and is available for download.  Really excited about this and I am hoping for a lot of success in raising some money to help fight breast cancer.  Perhaps you have a loved one or a friend who has had breast cancer and you can relate to how I feel when I say that we have to find a way to help women who are fighting this disease.

To access the donation click on the “Breast Cancer Song” tab on the menu bar.  This will take you to the page set up for the donation/download.  The download is on an honor system – and I guess techinically it can be downloaded for free, but I am hoping that all who download will make a small donation.  Recommended minimum is $1.00 but you can donate at much or as little as you want to.  To make you donation click on the big pink logo for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  This will open another window to my personal fundraising page on the NBCF web site.  After that close out this window and the download can be initiated by right clicking on the download link and doing a “save as”.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation provides funding for breast cancer screening on a national basis.  They also fund various entities who are working towards a cure.

Thanks so much in advance to all of those who donate!


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