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 Ok, so the big burning question of the day is…Where you start in writing a biography about a musical life that is only just beginning. I could say I am a “50 something year old person”, but most of you who know me know that one already. Ok, so I will say that at 54 years old I finally got my act together enough to release my first CD of original tunes. Maybe that sounds better but perhaps some of you are asking the question why wait until 54?

Well first I will tell you I was one of those artsy fartsy kids who played music in high school and hung out with all of the kids who skipped school and did other things I won’t mention. Then came that “thing” that happens to almost everybody. I grew up and ended up going to college. Working full time and going to college didn’t leave any time for music and so like a lot of people I gave it up. After college I was so busy building a life that music was pushed to back of my imagination, still there, probably wondering why I wasn’t listening but waiting until I had enough common sense to let it come back into my life.

In the summer of 2002 I was a stressed out unhappy professional wondering why I was always the square peg in the round hole and wondering why nothing I did in my daily life ever “fit” what I was feeling. I was on my way to a meeting in Downtown Sacramento and was riding the light rail. All of a sudden this old codger sits down next to me and gives me a big smile. Now I am the sort of person who does not like to talk to people I don’t know on public transportation. I just want to bury myself in a book or newspaper and pretend no one is around me. So…This old codger all of sudden says…”Do you mind if I ask you a question”?” Before I could snap out a “NO!” he starts to tell me that I look like the most stressed out unhappy person he has ever seen and then proceeds to tell me about his train collection that dates back to the 1930 his wife of 50 years and how happy he is – you know…bla bla bla. I am about ready to fall off of the light rail seat when he tells me that the secret to life is to find something that makes you happy and to follow it like there is no tomorrow and that I had better do this before it is too late…I get off the bus and go to my meeting and forget about the whole thing…or so I think…

A couple of days later I was heading out to run some errands and as I am driving along that old geezer popped into my brain. Just as I was trying to shut him off, I see this big sign….It says “Guitar Center” in these great big letters. Ok so I am in the right lane, and this place is on the left. So the car sort of swerves over three lanes and ends up in the parking lot of this music store. There I am walking across the parking lot and this Dave Carter song starts playing in my head..you know the one called “Cowboy Singer” with the line “the Martins are cheaper”…So I walk into the store and pluck the first Martin I see off of the wall and walk up to the guy with the tattoos on his arms and the studs in his nose behind the cash register and pay for it….All I can say at this point is thanks to the Good Lord that it was not the most expensive one as instead of being happily on the verge of retirement I would be working until I am 90 but I digress…At this point I walk out with this guitar in my hand that I have not played in years. To say my old man was surprised is an understatement but that is another story.

I have traded up that Martin that I called “Dave” for another one also called “Dave” and have not stopped playing since.  And of course now, Harmonica, Ukulele, and a bit of Mandolin have joined me on my musical journey and so the fun continues to change and grow!

More About Patrice & Her Influences
Patrice Webb is a singer songwriter who lives part time in both the Sierra Nevada town of Georgetown and Sandpoint Idaho where she lives with her husband and a family of 4 legged critters. Patrice’s songs tell of the lives of those whose stories make up the vibrant tapestry known as “Americana”. From California farm workers, to those who are down on their luck and hoping for a better life, to those who walk the back roads of this Country called “home”, Patrice’s songs are snapshots in time told on a bed of folk, country, swing, and the blues.

Patrice has a special affinity for all of the women folk singers of the early 60s. Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, Barbara Dane, and Carolyn Hester are early influences. Patrice’s music has also been influenced by the music of Kate Wolf, Emmy Lou Harris, and Dave Carter. Other artists such as Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard and Walter Hayatt have also played a big role in Patrice’s desire to play and write music. Patrice’s musical inspirations also include artists such as Hank Williams, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Blossom Dearie,The Carter Family, Stephen Foster, Woody Guthrie and Utah Phillips.

Patrice is currently working on songs for her next CD and has plans to finish up recording sometime in 2013.

There ya go…That is the short and sweet of it. I am having a lot of fun and am hoping a lot of you will come along for the ride. I will end by saying “thanks” to that old geezer on the bus and also will say “thanks Dave” wherever you are in this great big wonderful universe.

5 Responses to Meet Patrice

  1. steve baker says:

    Hi Patrice. What a great story you have. What you went through some might call a midlife crisis … I call it a mid-life opportunity. So happy you got back to doing what you love, even though it took all those years. I didn’t get BACK to what I love, but I finally got TO what I love. And when that opportunity jumped in front of me … I jumped on it. Like you, late in life, at about 50. You may have met me, I have the thrift store, down in Lotus, next to the Coloma Club. Me and my dog are diggin’ life here. Stop on by sometime, I’d love to meet you. And, are you playing around the area? I’m not a musician (I have no rhythm,like Steve Martin in “The Jerk”), But listening to music is a passion. I think I would enjoy yours. You have a nice day, hope to meet you some day! Steve

  2. admin says:

    Hey Steve! Would love to meet you…and I love thrift stores! Hoping to have a couple of more gigs in the area here soon so keep checking back!

  3. Ann Blankenship says:

    My God Patrice, I pushed ‘play’ and expected to hear some sad warbly horrible wanna be and OUT CAME YOU! Whoot! I didn’t know we had such lovely talent in GT! You and Keith Little should team up and give a local concert!! I’ll be downloading your stuff immediately. Thank you for listing to the old geezer!


  4. R Keith Beal says:

    I truly enjoyed the diverse influences from Bluegrass, Folk and Traditional music to the Bluesy sound of Indigo. The “thin” arrangements and great production quality make me want to buy the CD today and wish I could sit-in for a session tomorrow.

  5. Fred Webb says:

    Hi Patrice, just found your page. Great Music. I’m from Rescue and host a yearly jam with a hundred or so of my friends at my home. Check out our page and if you’re in the neighborhood stop and say hello

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